About YS Facility

Our main focus is to ensure the growth of other companies by providing them with an exceptional work environment. 


At YS Facility Management, we believe in making a better workplace for you.

We have a team of excellent workers headed by experts who want to create an atmosphere enabling maximum productivity in your workplace. Every professional needs a plethora of regular services for proper functioning. These include services from basic to industrial-grade. We aim to bring to you brilliant and cost-effective solutions to such demands formaking it a comfortable workplace. Our aim is to deliver the highest-standard services to ensure that you are the best at your game. YS Facility Management strive to create where you can love your workplace and not find it to be a mundane place!


We are on the path to making the perfect workplace for you.

By providing you with a plethora of hard and soft services, pest management, concierge services, help desk services, and others. YS Facility Management has researched, ideated, and understood the requirements of an organization for the most productive functioning. To ensure that we provide the best services, we have hired the best experts, leveraged advanced technology and trained a capable workforce to deliver their best.  We are constantly improving our services and processes through innovation and regular training to ensure that our clients are benefitted.


We value the demands of our clients.

YS Facility always make sure to give in our best to meet all their needs and demands. As a company, we train our employees to always meet the high standards that are expected of them. With our work, we will be adding value to your organization. We are the ones to make a work pace out of any office- a workplace that will make you most productive. YS Facility Management upgrades its services every time to not only create an appropriate workplace but to give you an experience every day you come to work.

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